Creative, Persuasive and Disciplined

Services - Campaigns
Campaigns matter and elections have consequences.
We marry the art and the science of politics to develop a creative, custom strategy for your campaign.
The science: research. We construct a strong foundation for your campaign with targeting, public opinion research, and a clear-eyed assessment of the lay of the land.
The art: persuasion. We develop powerful messages to cut through the clutter and reach the voters you need to win.
We develop strategies with skills sharpened through hands-on experience in tough campaigns. We’ve worked at every level, from school board to President. But the best campaign strategy is meaningless if it sits on a shelf. We come to your effort with a keen focus on execution and discipline.
We have expertise in the following areas:

General consulting
Campaign management
Paid communications: direct mail, TV, radio, digital, print
Coalition building
Scheduling, advance and event production

Services – Communications
Our passion is communicating persuasive messages - to elect a candidate, advance a cause or tell a story that needs to be told.

We’ve managed campaigns, coalitions, and crisis communications. We’ve designed field efforts to launch hundreds of canvassers to deliver a message door by door. We’ve produced town hall meetings, news conferences and rallies to help a message break through.

Today, people consume media in many different channels. We’re experts in designing a mix of media to reach your target audience, stretching your dollars.

We produce high-impact direct mail in-house, and working with our partners at ArmourMedia, we offer our clients award-winning creative advertising.

Our services include:

Direct mail
Advertising: Television, radio, digital, print
Press conference strategy, design and production
Live event production for conferences and major meetings
Rapid response coordination

Services - Organizations

Organizations and foundations are often on the leading edge of change, educating and mobilizing citizens around critical issues.
We have a unique understanding of how to create a positive climate.

Our services for organizations and foundations includes:

Assessments: Many organizations seek an outside perspective to assess the lay of the land and attitudes about a policy issue. We have conducted confidential opinion leader interviews and produced reports summarizing our findings and recommendations.

Strategic planning: We have developed strategic plans for short-term goals or a major review of an organizations goals. Organizations at a turning point have sought our help in refining goals, developing a consensus within the organization and then developing an achievable plan to reach the goals.

Communications: As a supplement to in-house efforts or in a leading role, we have developed compelling messages, produced press conferences, created fact sheets and other materials and provided ongoing guidance on communications efforts.

Public education: Policymakers may need to develop a deeper understanding of a policy issue to make informed choices. We have developed strategies and implemented programs to give policymakers a closer look at policy issues, from site visits to targeted media briefings.