Creative, Persuasive and Disciplined

Rose Kapolczynski, President

Best known for managing U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer’s four winning Senate campaigns, Rose Kapolczynski has three decades of experience working for elected officials, political campaigns and nonprofit organizations. Rose has special expertise in strategic planning, message development and communications.

Based in Los Angeles, the nation’s second largest media market, Rose is an expert in influencing news coverage, including developing effective messages, directing rapid response operations, and producing media events and materials.

With decades of experience as an on-the-record spokesperson, Rose has been interviewed by outlets from the New York Times, NPR and Politico to local media outlets across the West Coast.

The American Association of Political Consultants named Rose the Public Affairs Professional of the Year in 2008 in recognition of her exceptional work on ballot initiative campaigns. In Washington State, Rose served as strategist for three successful ballot initiatives, on clean energy, medical malpractice and insurance reform. In Oregon, she led the effort to defeat a parental notification ballot initiative.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Rose directed Senator Boxer’s campaigns as campaign manager, managing the day-to-day operations of those multi-million dollar campaigns in the largest state in the union and leading the strategy and message development team of consultants.

After Senator Boxer’s upset victory in 1992, Rose became State Director in the Senate office, managing the California operation and staff in six offices in one of the most diverse states in the country for a decade. A member of the senior management team, she led development of legislative and communications strategies and served as a spokesperson for Senator Boxer.

Rose managed several political campaigns in the Pacific Northwest, including Seattle Mayor Charles Royer’s unprecedented bid for a third term. After Mayor Royer’s victory, she became the Mayor’s communications director and spokesperson as well as a senior member of his City Hall team.

Rose started her career as an environmental advocate, organizing and lobbying for the Sierra Club, the Colorado Open Space Council and the University of Colorado Wilderness Study Group.

Dan Rottenstreich, Vice-President

Dan Rottenstreich brings over a decade of experience to RKC in campaign management, data analysis, labor politics and direct mail production. At RKC, Dan leads local campaigns, is part of RKC’s strategic team on statewide campaigns and serves as consultant to labor unions and progressive groups in Southern California.
Prior to joining RKC, Dan worked in the political department of UNITE HERE, the hotel workers’ union, where he managed over two dozen independent expenditure campaigns and led labor’s GOTV operations to re-elect U.S. Senator Harry Reid in 2010. In 2012, Dan worked for direct mail firm Ambrosino, Muir & Hansen, producing direct mail for candidates around the country. Dan and his wife, Brigette, live in the Golden Hill neighborhood of San Diego with their son and daughter. When he’s not working, Dan is usually cooking, listening to jazz or both.

Jim Blomquist, Treasurer

Jim is a seasoned strategist and lobbyist who won the adoption of innovative energy policies and the protection of millions of acres of public land during his twenty-five year career with the Sierra Club. He is an expert at designing and executing strategies to organize public support to protect the environment. At RKC, he manages the business side with occasional forays into project work, as needed.

Jim is a skilled cook who once supervised a shrimp boil for 1,800 people as a grassroots fundraiser in Seattle. An avid fly-angler, Jim attempts to divide his time between Los Angeles and the beautiful rivers of Central Oregon.